Nephrology Calculator   Nephrology Calculator for Palm OS
  Nephrology calculator including peritoneal dialysis adequacy calculations
   Mihŕly Tapolyai M.D.
  Péter Tapolyai MBA
Calculator on Palm OS platforms
This application was built for health care professionals with quick processing in mind who need crucial information at the their patient's bedside. This handy calculator lets you calculate:
  • Creatinine Clearence
  • MDRD GFR: Greene
  • MDRD GFR: Levey
  • Fractional Excretion
  • IVC/BSA Ratio
  • H2O Deficit
  • Bicarbonate Deficit
  • Urea Reduction Ratio
  • Kt/V Daugirdas II
  • Access recirculation
  • Delta/Delta
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Adequacy Calculations
In addition this application lets you save patient data and later place that information into your database on your desktop computer.

For more nephrology related information please visit the free of charge "nephro calculator" page here.

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